Saturday, February 13, 2010

batter bowl

One of my favorite forms in pottery is the bowl and this is one of my favorite bowls. I designed it because one day I was having trouble making pancakes when the bowl kept slipping as I stirred the batter.

I have a deep love of pancakes on my sabbath day - buckwheat is my absolute favorite. But I found that holding the bowl with one hand and whisking with the other made it hard to hold the bowl unless one wraps an arm around the bowl in which case one gets batter of flour all over one's shirt -or in my case, one's footie-pajamas!

So I put a little curl of clay on the side of the bowl so that my fingers could go under the bowl and my thumb could slide into the loop. I then made a spout for the batter to pour slowly (I like control of my pancake batter flow). And voila! I had a batter bowl. This is my invention, so if you try to copy it I will put a frog curse on you so do not try! My sister Linda says I need to send it to Oprah or Martha and get huge publicity. The problem is I am a better potter than I am a packer and mailer. All too much trouble. But last night I made six bowls while I watched Ship of Fools.

They sell well at the Canterbury Shaker Village Museum Store in three sizes and three colors! And to make pancakes!


  1. If you keep showing cool things, I am going to add them to my wish list for my set :) I would like some buckwheat pancakes again too!

  2. Wait'll you come to NM: we'll go to Sophia's for ricotta cheese pancakes served with warm, roasted pinon butter. It will be added to your favorites, I'm certain!