Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is Blackwater Bluff, an 1848 farmhouse(left) and pottery studio (above) on a bluff over the Blackwater River. I have begun this blog in order to have a wider conversation with friends and family as well as other potters and artists. I do not expect to tell you what I am doing as much as how I am choosing to live. This blog comes out of the enjoyment I get from writing an article of the same name in the New Hampshire Episcopal News - an article the subject of which I would call "rural, domestic spirituality."

Today, I have made a decision about my pottery! The theme of using a stone on the top of lidded vessels is going to be my signature for art vessels. It allows me to be creative with my use of the elements of the earth - chemicals, clay bodies, etc. while at the same time letting "The Creator" be the final word on each pot by taking a "creation" from the earth and mounting it atop the work. It seems a good way to express the theology of co-creativity in my pottery. here is an example.

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